Friday, February 14

Predatory and Fake IEEE Conference Publishing News:

Fake Conferences CSCI :
This is not actually an IEEE Conference, but the IEEE will publish the Proceedings and will index them in IEEE EXPLORE Data base

The organizer of this conference is Hamid Arabnia a professor from University 
of Georgia, Athens, US.  The primary goal of this 
conference is to collect registration fee by accepting 
all submitted papers. Several fake papers were published 
in the conference proceedings. He already earned millions 
of dollars from the registration fee and is using part 
of the money for anti-Christmas greetings campaign.   has 
additional information on this campaign. He recently 
started another new conference CSCI due to his hunger 
for money

Hamid Arabnia failed to reveal the reviews and reviewers' 
information for all the papers he received, despite 
repeated requests and challenges. The reason for his 
failure is there were no reviews and reviewers and he 
just cheated the research community for more than a 
decade by announcing that each draft paper is reviewed 
by two experts. We challenge him to publish these details 
at the conference website. Where are these experts? 
Where are these reviews? 

Soon he comes up with a story that he lost all the reviews 
and reviewers’ information because of computer crash or 

DBLP stopped indexing these conferences since 2011 
and displayed an explicit message; 
The DBLP Advisory Board decided to discontinue indexing of 
this conference series. Visit  
as a sample. 

He was forced to remove his name, the university of 
Georgia name, and university of Georgia email address from 
the conference’s contact page because the University has 
banned him from doing that. Do not spoil your resume by 
publishing in this bogus conference. 

Wikipedia’s comments on Hamid Arabnia are at  

Additional information on this conference bogus conference is 
available by searching internet using the keywords   
worldcomp fake   or Hamid Arabnia fake 

Apologies for posting to multiple mailing lists. Spreading the 
news is the only way to stop this conference from harming 
innocent researchers. 

Many researchers cheated by Hamid Arabnia’s fake conferences 



Thursday, October 3

More Fake IEEE Conferences. The Fake Conference of Hamid Arabnia 2014 changes name. Hamid Arabnia's fake organization is called now "AMERICAN COUNCIL on SCIENCE and EDUCATION" with "official" site:

More Fake IEEE Conferences:

The Fake and Bogus Conferences of Hamid Arabnia change name.  Hamid Arabnia's fake organization is called now "AMERICAN COUNCIL on SCIENCE and EDUCATION" with "official" site: 

It is amazing that this site: and the site: does not have any name of any scholar. No President. No Chairmen. No Program Commitees. Be careful of the new fake Conferences of Hamid Arabnia. Hamid Arabnia false claims again in
that the proceedings will be published by IEEE Computer Society's CPS. Authors of accepted papers must agree with the standard IEEE's statement in reference to IEEE Copyrights (Intellectual Property Rights):

"The CSCI conference acknowledges that the IEEE shall at all times be the sole owner of all rights in and to the work. The IEEE shall have the exclusive right (but not the obligation) to obtain and renew copyright registration of, or relating to, any and all such works in the name of IEEE or in such other name or names as IEEE may elect. This agreement constitutes an assignment to IEEE of all rights in and to the work the conference agrees to execute and deliver to IEEE, promptly upon request, any documents that IEEE may reasonably request to attain and protect IEEE's exclusive rights."

After the conference, selected authors will also be given the opportunity to have the extended versions of their papers considered for publication by journals and book publishers (Springer, Elsevier, ...)
i.e. the same fudge every year. The same fairy tale of Hamid Arabnia every year.
Fake Conferences,  Bogus ConferencesJunk ConferencesScam Conferences

Thursday, January 17

ASME Conferences are also dubious, questionable, fake and junk.

ASME Conferences are also dubious, questionable, fake and junk.
They are based on Abstracts Evaluation and a Large Scale Spam.
The Conclusion is that ASME Conferences are money-targeted conferences. Little Science - Big Business. Refrain any relation with ASME spurious, illegitimate, fake, garbage conferences.
As everybody knows IEEE, ASME, SIAM, ACM have very good journals, but fake, absolutely fake Conferences. This is the real misery of our academic community. Bogus, Mock, Junk, Fake IEEE, ASME, SIAM, ACM conferences. Enjoy the ASME Large Scale Spam: They include the phrase: "Call For Abstracts - Submit Yours Today" making the whole business an obvious Scam, hoax and deception. Forward our message for this swindling behaviour to everybody or put a link to your web site.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - Submit Yours Today! 

Contribute Your Research and Help Shape the Future of Engineering!
The ASME 2013 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Expositionin San Diego, California, November 15-21, 2013 is a prime opportunity to showcase your research at one of the world's largest and most comprehensive mechanical engineering conferences.

Network with engineering experts, stay on top of the latest advances, and identify potential technological alliances and partnering opportunities with international scientists and engineers from the worldwide R&D community.

Two of our tracks are new this year: Advanced Manufacturing and Emerging Technologies.

Submit your abstract as part of an extensive technical program that includes:
  • Advances in Aerospace Technology
  • Advanced Manufacturing NEW!
  • Biomedical and Biotechnology Engineering
  • Dynamics, Vibration and Control
  • Education and Globalization
  • Emerging Technologies NEW!
  • Energy
  • Fluid Engineering and Technologies
  • Heat Transfer
  • Mechanics of Solids, Structures and Fluids
  • Micro and Nano Systems Engineering and Packaging
  • Safety, Reliability and Risk
  • Systems and Design
  • Transportation Systems
  • Vibration, Acoustics and Wave Propagation
  • Virtual Podium (Posters)
  • International Undergraduate Research Design and Expo (Posters Only)


Wednesday, November 21

New SPAM from IEEE

New Spam from IEEE

New Spam from IEEE
FOCI 2013, IEEE Symposium on Foundations of computational Intelligence, affiliated to  IEEE Symposium New Spam from IEEE
Series on Computational Intelligence, IEEE SSCI 2013

15-19 April 2013, Singapore

New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE

Singapore hosts the fourth IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (IEEE SSCI 2013). This international event brings together at one location several symposia running concurrently, each highlighting various aspects of computational intelligence, and will attract top researchers, practitioners, and students from around the world  to discuss the latest advances in the field of computational intelligence.

New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE

Computational intelligence techniques have proven useful after numerous applications in real world problems. However, there is much work to be done in order to fully understand the theoretical foundations of such techniques.  IEEE FOCI'13, provides an ideal forum for those who are interested in the fundamental issues of computational intelligence to exchange their ideas and present their latest findings.

IEEE FOCI’13 will focus on fundamental theoretical and practical foundations of computational intelligence, including but not limited to neural networks, fuzzy logic, evolutionary computation, and other machine learning methods. The symposium will put equal emphasis on theoretical and practical work as long as it addresses the foundations of computational intelligence.

As usual in the previous SSCI editions, the proceedings will be included in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index.

New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE

Paper submission: 23 Nov 2012
Decision: 05 Jan 2013
Final submission: 05 Feb 2013
Early Registration: 05 Feb 2013
New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE
New Spam from IEEE

Fake Conferences,  Bogus ConferencesJunk ConferencesScam Conferences

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